Every LCS Summer Split game has featured Zeri in pick-ban phase, LEC similarly captivated by Yuumi

These two have been the lynchpin for many teams' success in the West.

Image via Riot Games

As one of the most “electric” champions in League of Legends, Zeri has quickly taken over as one of the best picks for pro players around the world. In the LCS, for example, the Spark of Zaun is the only champion left with a 100 percent presence in drafts, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

In fact, Zeri has pretty high pick-ban rates around the world in every major region. In Europe, Zeri has a 79.5 percent pick-ban rate, an 80.8 percent in the LCK, and a 71.1 percent in the LPL. She also has positive win rates in every region, with the lowest being in the LCS at 56 percent, while she has a whopping 76 percent win rate over 17 games played.

Zeri has also been subjected to many different adjustments since her release, having been buffed or nerfed 12 times over the past nine patches. Her kit has seen power shifts across almost every ability and has proven to be one of the harder champions to balance for Riot Games’ developers. Even still, she remains as one of premier choices for the mechanically gifted players at the top level, since they can maximize her potential through her incredible movement speed and outplay tools.

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Yuumi, on the other hand, is the only champion in the LEC to have a 100 percent pick-ban rate. The big difference, however, between Yuumi and Zeri is how European teams have set such a high priority on the cat compared to the fast-paced gunner. In the LCS, Yuumi only has a pick-ban rate of 33 percent, while Korea and China sit at 22.4 percent and 13.8 percent, respectively.

The champion seems to not matter too much to the three other major regions, but LEC teams have kept her as a focal pick for many of their team compositions. She is usually paired with a dive composition that can follow up with her ultimate ability, Final Chapter, but she can also be used to peel away enemies from squishier champions as she pokes away with her Prowling Projectile.