Doublelift says he had an offer from SK Telecom T1 in season 2

Doublelift could've played in Korea.

Photo via Riot Games

Former TSM AD carry Doublelift could have played in Korea back in 2011, he revealed on stream today. 

The League of Legends ADC, known as one of the best in North American history, was offered a spot on SKT Telecom T1’s sister team by former Cloud9 coach Reapered. In addition to Reapered, Doublelift would have played with Wolf, then known as a “Blitzcrank one-trick” who would go on to win two Worlds titles with SKT T1’s more successful team.

Repeared told Doublelift the team would be the two of them, Wolf, and an unknown mid and jungler, he said. These two additions could have been H0R0 and MighTiLy, two former players on SKT Telecom T1 S. 

The salary was one of the reasons for his decision to stay in North America, however.

“The salary is going to be $2,000 a month,” Doublelift said. “I thought about it and I was like ‘2k a month? I think I’m gonna pass on that one.’”

“What would have my career been like if I fucking played there? Honestly. I probably would have retired way faster,” he said jokingly. 

In 2012, SKT T1 S picked up the roster of Eat Sleep Game, but the team later disbanded in 2014. Its sister team, SKT T1 K, is now remembered as one of the most dominant teams in the world with mid laner Faker leading the charge.

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