Conqueror Jax and DAMWON Gaming Worlds skins available in League Patch 11.9

Rest in peace to our bank accounts.

Image via Riot Games

Since the announcement of a DAMWON Gaming skin line at the start of April, League of Legends fans have been patiently waiting to represent the 2020 world champions in-game. And now, their time has finally come.

DAMWON’s Worlds skin line will be made available for purchase on April 29, one day after Patch 11.9 goes live.

The skins, inspired by heroes from Greek mythology, will mark the 10th set of Worlds cosmetics released by Riot Games. They commemorate DAMWON’s (now DWG KIA) victory over Suning in the finals of the 2020 World Championship and feature the organization’s iconic blue and silver color scheme. 

The Worlds skins aren’t the only cosmetics coming alongside Patch 11.9, however. Conqueror Jax, the latest addition to the Conqueror skin line commemorating the Mid-Season Invitational, will also become available in this patch just in time for the start of MSI 2021.

The profits from the skin’s release will contribute to the prize pool for MSI 2021 in Iceland. The skin will also come with a Prestige edition.

Points for Prestige Conqueror Jax can be earned through the MSI 2021 in-game event in which missions can be completed to earn tokens. Both Conqueror Jax and the DAMWON skins will be released with chromas that will be available for purchase in the in-client shop.

Conqueror Jax will only be available for a limited time before becoming a legacy skin, so if you want it, you’ll need to grab it while you have the chance.

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Meg Kay
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