Concept artist designs Pool Party Riven skin to keep League fans cool in the summer

Not even a broken surfboard can stop her from partying.

Image via Riot Games

Summer is right around the corner, and there’s no better skin theme to beat the heat than League of Legends‘ Pool Party line.

League fan and concept artist André Luiz showed off their take on a Pool Party skin for Riven, which includes a broken surfboard as her sword. The artist shared their fan-made skin on ArtStation and Twitter, featuring the Exile as a new entry in the summer-themed universe. 

Image via André Luiz

The Pool Party skin line is one of the few collections that includes more than 20 champion skins. Some of them were released as early as 2013, making the line almost a decade old. This concept skin for Riven would fit perfectly alongside other Pool Party skins. The look includes summer shorts, comfortable sandals, and a short blouse with a similar design to Riven’s tattoo to better fit the summer vibes.  

Luiz presented the base concept alongside possible chromas for the skin, accentuating the various colorful designs of the surfboard and on Riven’s tattooed leg. The other chromas explore different color palettes from Riven’s original one, which is mostly based on green and brown tones, accentuating the festive summer time the skin line celebrates. 

The artist also shared an early study of the concept, featuring different sword-like weapons for Riven. In one of those, Riven wields a giant popsicle, which particularly stands out for its summer vibes. 

The Pool Party skin line features many champions. Of the characters who can claim one of these summer-themed skins as their own, however, only Sett and Lee Sin have roots in Ionia. Riven’s addition to the series would elevate the number of skins in the Pool Party line to a total of 25.