Buying RP through Garena might get you banned

One player reveals their horror story to keep fellow League players from getting banned.

Image via Riot Games

If you play League of Legends on the Garena client, which is true for many players based in Asia, you might want to think twice the next time you buy RP.

Garena Shells, which are the Garena Client’s version of RP or purchased in-game currency, got one player banned, and they shared their horror story on the League Reddit community today to warn fellow players.

There’s definitely a lot wrong with this story, mainly on the side of Garena. The player did what many people do and purchased Shells from Garena. More specifically, they purchased a code for it on Shopee, which is Garena’s online shopping platform.

For a while, that was it. Nothing happened, and life went on as normal. But then, 10 months after the purchase, Garena banned the player from using the game client at all, not just from the game itself, because of a fraudulent code. The player contacted Garena’s support, asking how he could have been banned for using Garena’s own code, as well as how it took 10 months for them to follow up on something like this.

Garena support asked for three things—a screenshot of the purchase, the PIN of the Shell card, and a code from the card. The PIN and code were long gone, according to the poster, as with online purchases they only appear as notifications on the client. Over the course of 10 months, they had since disappeared. They were able to grab a screenshot of the purchase, however.

This process took a couple of weeks, according to the poster. The support team responded very slowly, as shown in an image attached to the post. A little less than a week after getting the proof of purchase over to Garena’s support team, it appears that they simply closed the ticket, leaving the player banned without anything else to go on.

Players ye be warned—the next time you want a skin, you might just get banned.