All of April Fools’ 2020 new League splash arts

Three skins are set to join League of Legends for the Aprils Fools' event.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games revealed the three exclusive skins for the 2020 April Fools’ event yesterday.

The skins were given to Urgot—one of the community’s most anticipated skins—VVeigar, and Tristana, which both have over 10 dedicated skins.

Pajama Guardian Urgot

Image via Riot Games

The meme has finally come to life. Urgot’s skin splash art shows a collection of Star Guardian items on the right, since he’s part of the squad now. The costume displays vibrant colors, with his pink necklace and Star Guardian belt.

We can also see Tristana behind the window in her Pengu cosplay skin, which will also be released for the April’s fool event alongside Veigar’s Furyhorn cosplay skin. Their splash art was revealed some days before Urgot.

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Furyhorn Veigar and Pengu Cosplay Tristana

Image via Riot Games

League‘s auto battler, Teamfight Tactics, was featured in both skins with the champions cosplaying the game’s little legends Pengu and Furyhorn.