11 April 2017 - 17:16

These are the best champions for carrying solo queue in League of Legends

These champions aren’t easy to learn, but there’s no champ better at winning when they’re mastered.
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Climbing the ranked ladder of League of Legends is no easy feat. It requires patience and a real will to learn and improve if you ever want to achieve greatness. Luckily for you, there are certain champions who will help you do that better than all others.

Don’t pick these up if you’re looking for an easy game. These champions are challenging, and they demand a lot of time and practice to understand and execute their mechanics efficiently. Once you’ve taken the time to learn them though, you’ll be able to carry games like no one else.

Top - Riven

As the meta shifts from tanks to assassins to splitpushers and back again, one champion remains a strong pick through it all—Riven. Once you’ve mastered the queen of outplay herself, you can counter virtually any champ in the game, but it will take time to get there. With Riven’s insane engage, crowd control, shield, and eye-watering damage, she has tools to defeat anyone. The problem, however, is that she also happens to be one of the hardest top lane champions in the game to learn.

To master Riven, you have to learn several different playstyles and you have to be able to shift and adapt between them depending on which champion you’re against. Succeeding as Riven requires exceptional skill, and that’s why it takes time and patience to achieve it.

Jungle - Lee Sin

Speaking of hard champions, Lee Sin definitely takes the cake for “most difficult champion in League.” Lee Sin has a lot of tools in his arsenal as well. He boasts high damage and high kill potential in the early stages of the game, and he can set up game-winning fights with his ultimate when it comes time for the late game. The only issue, however, is that he’s frustratingly difficult to figure out.

Between ward-hopping, timing up his Q, and flashing in the middle of an ult to change its direction, Lee’s entire kit of spells is one giant magic show. A good Lee Sin will dive your tower, kill you, and get out before you even have time to wonder if a real person is playing him or not. He deals insane damage early on, and he’s impossible to pin down long enough to kill. Again, though, that’s only if he’s good.

Mid - Ahri

Unlike most of the others on this list, Ahri is not terribly difficult to master. She’s not exactly an easy champion, but she’s definitely not as hard as Lee Sin or Riven, and therefore requires much less time of practice to play her properly. Ahri is on this list because of her versatility. Like Riven, Ahri has tools at her disposal that would make her useful in almost any situation. She has good poke, good engage, some crowd control, mobility to escape bad situations, and a ton of damage.

There’s a reason she’s the most popular mid laner in the game right now, and that’s because she’s so naturally powerful. She’s played in over 20 percent of all ranked games above Platinum rank, according to Champion.GG, a League statistics website. Even if you can’t easily kill your lane opponent to get snowballing, Ahri is perfectly content zoning her enemies to safely farm in lane until teamfights begin, where she can charm an enemy ADC and delete them with a couple spells.

Marksman - Vayne

Vayne is another champion that takes a considerable amount of practice to begin carrying games. She isn’t terribly difficult, and in fact, there are other ADCs that are even harder to learn than she is. Ezreal, for example, is much harder due to his kit being almost completely composed of skillshots. There are few champions in the game that can carry a late game like Vayne can, though.

Once Vayne gets about three items, she can start melting through tanks just as easily as she can squishy targets, thanks to her Silver Bullets dealing a percentage of maximum health as true damage to her targets. The tough part of Vayne is making it that far into a game. Just as with any late-game champion, Vayne’s early game is considerably weaker than most, and it can be very frustrating and demoralizing to try to deal with. Once you’ve gained the patience to sit back and farm and not play recklessly for about 15 to 20 minutes into a game, however, you’re a very hard ADC to beat.

Support - Janna

Janna may be the most frustrating support to lane against out of any champion in the game. She has more tools at her disposal to keep herself and her marksman alive than we care to count. Janna has been dubbed the “no fun” support in League, and that’s mostly because she excels in games by avoiding fights. Using her disruptions and shields, Janna can keep multitudes of enemies off of her allies, but it takes a bit of practice to get her timing right.

Timing up a good tornado or shield can be the difference between your carry dying and your team losing a fight. If played properly, it’s very difficult for enemies to get ahold of Janna and her teammates when she’s nearby. She, like Riven, has had a healthy spot in nearly every meta, and due to the innate power of her kit, she’ll probably always be useful. Be warned, however, most of the champions on this list to carry solo queue are extremely fun to play. Janna, on the other hand, is infamous for being quite boring. Unless you find being annoying more fun than fighting in League.

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