The best Nilah counters in League of Legends

As a melee ADC, Nilah is easily countered.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Nilah, League of Legends’ newest bottom lane champion, was revealed earlier today. If you’re feeling intimidated by her fast-paced, damage-packed kit and are looking for an answer, there is a strong number of champions already in the game who may be able to stop Nilah in her tracks, serving as a counter.

Nilah is a melee champion, essentially meaning she’s easily oppressed and beaten by ranged auto attacks and consistent spell damage. Additionally, Nilah is strongest when she’s trying to get into her opponents’ faces, so champions that can keep her from engaging will often find success against her. 

Below, you’ll find five of the strongest bottom lane counters to Nilah. These counters can be found at either the AD carry or support positions.  


Image via Riot Games

Xayah shines as a counter to Nilah, mainly due to her ability to keep up with her in damage, but also because she has exceptionally strong escape and disengage tools at her disposal. The strongest ability in Xayah’s arsenal when it comes to evading Nilah’s assault is Featherstorm (R), while Bladecaller (E) serves as a solid disengage option. 


Image via Riot Games

Ezreal is a naturally slippery champion who can get away from Nilah’s offensive onslaught with abilities like Arcane Shift (E). Plus, with an item like Serylda’s Grudge in your build, you’ll be able to keep the water dancer slowed down and out of reach. 


Image via Riot Games

As a support champion, Thresh can easily stop Nilah’s aggression in lane. Death Sentence (Q) and Flay (E) can keep her CC’d, while Dark Passage (W) is a surefire solution for any friendly ADC who may get caught out of position by Nilah. If you or your ADC are caught out of position by Nilah, Thresh has the tools to keep her at bay. 


Image via Riot Games

Lulu makes for an excellent choice to counter Nilah since her entire kit can keep her at arm’s length. If Nilah dashes in with Slipstream (E), Lulu can easily polymorph her while gaining distance from her. Nilah is all about bursting down whoever she sets her sights on, and Lulu has tools like the shield granted from Help Pix! (E) and extra HP from Wild Growth (R) to prevent Nilah from bursting her or her ADC down. 


Image via Riot Games

Caitlyn can give Nilah a bit of trouble considering her extensive range advantage over the melee ADC. Between her standard auto attacks, as well as those empowered by Headshot (P), Caitlyn can consistently lay into Nilah during the laning phase. As a plus, Yordle Snap-Trap (W) can be used defensively to set up a safe zone against Nilah, while 90-Caliber Net (E) is more of an escape tool than most other ADCs have at their disposal.