Best Lux build in League of Legends season 11

"Let's light it up."

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One of League of Legends‘ earliest champions, Lux began as a powerful choice in the mid lane but since has found a new position as a support. Changes that have taken place over the seasons have made Lux an extremely powerful supporting champion while remaining a good option in the mid lane. Specifically, in season 11, over 90 percent of Lux players will choose to play her as a support.

As with any champion, Lux will build different items depending on her position and situation within a game. Since it’s the most played, this build will be focusing on support Lux and will include core items that will give players the best chance at finding success.


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Guardian: A rune that’s tailor-made for support champions, Guardian offers a small shield to Lux and her nearby allies. If you or an ally take more than a small amount of damage, a shield will activate for 1.5 seconds. While this applies to allies within 350 units of Lux, it also works for allies that she has targeted spells on. Given her Prismatic Barrier shield ability, Guardian will assist more in protecting her allies from damage.

Shield Bash: A rune that will directly complement Guardian, Shield Bash offers a higher damage output from Lux when she’s shielded. After Lux gains a shield, her next basic attack will deal bonus damage. This is incredibly handy since she has many ways to gain a shield, including her Prismatic Barrier and the effects of the Guardian rune.

Bone Plating: Seeing as Lux has low base health, items and runes that offer durability are going to be extremely powerful. Bone Plating is one of them, seeing the champion take less damage from attacks after the initial damage is dealt. This is going to allow Lux the opportunity to either stand and fight or get away without instantly being taken down.

Revitalize: As a support, Lux is going to want to use her shields to protect allies as well as herself. Revitalize strengthens the effects of the shield, especially when cast on champions under 40-percent health. Given the rest of her runes and the position the champion is being played with this build, taking this rune is a no brainer.


Nimbus Cloak: Being in the bottom lane and having multiple enemy champions to face off against will often see Lux in a position where she’s open to ganks. Should this happen, Lux will likely need to make a quick escape. Nimbus Cloak offers this by allowing her to walk through minions and also grants her a movement speed increase to escape after using one of her summoner spells.

Transcendence: As an ability-based champion, Lux will benefit greatly from the ability haste provided by this rune.

Bonuses: Adaptive Force +9, Adaptive Force +9, +6 Armor

Starting items

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Spellthief’s Edge

As a supporting champion, Lux requires this item to gain gold and keep herself at the same level as other champions in the game. While nearby allies, Lux’s damage against champions or structures will grant her gold, allowing her to supplement what she would have got from farming minions. Once enough gold has been earned through this method, the item will transform, acquiring a bonus active ability to lay down a ward on click. Outside of this, the item also boasts eight ability power, 10 health, two gold every 10 seconds, and 50-percent base mana regeneration. Once this item reaches its peak, it’ll evolve once again into the Shard of True Ice.

Health Potion

As with most bottom lane champions, Health Potion is the perfect way to round out your starting gold. This is due to the item granting Lux another method to heal off any damage she may receive in the lane. Since bot is a duo lane, Lux is likely going to take poke damage from one of the enemy champions. Having a Health Potion to heal that off allows her to remain in lane to assist the ADC for longer before having to go back to base.

Core items

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Sorcerer’s Shoes

If you get a good influx of gold early on, then going for Sorcerer’s Shoes is a good investment. The additional movement speed early on will help you roam around the map while the Magic Penetration allows you to burst down enemies faster.

Moonstone Renewer

The default Mythic item to go for, Moonstone Renewer offers a good amount of stats–40 ability power, 200 health, 20 ability haste, and mana regeneration. The best part of this item is the passive, which heals allies in combat when you affect champions with abilities or attacks. This heal can quickly add up and even though the item was nerfed, it’s still one of the best support Mythic items for enchanters.

Chemtech Putrifier

With so much healing in the game, someone needs to have anti-healing items. While the support position is not the best to have this item in their inventory, you can still opt for Chemtech Purifier, which costs only 2,300 gold and gives you a nice amount of ability power, ability haste, and an anti-healing effect against opponents. The first component, Oblivion Orb, only costs 800 gold, which makes it quite easy for you to acquire and help your team stop healing on the opposing team.

Oracle Lens

After you get your support item upgraded, you should pick up Oracle Lens as soon as possible. It helps you set up ganks, deny vision during important objectives, or set up death bushes for the opposing team. It’s the default trinket for all supports once you get your regular wards from your support item.

Control Ward

Oracle Lens has quite a high cooldown, so it’s important to get Control Wards as well for support. You might need them to deny vision from your opponents and if your Oracle Lens is on cooldown, it’s going to be a problem. Always keep two Control Wards in your inventory as a support whenever you come back from base.

Late-game items

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Ardent Censer

Most of Lux’s build is tailored around increasing the effects of her shielding. Ardent Censer is a great late-game item that offers even more effects from her shields. The item will see Lux grant attack speed and additional damage to an ally who she targets with her shielding ability while it remains active. As a support, she’s going to be doing this frequently and Ardent Censer will make it much more powerful—not to mention the stat increases offered by the item including 60 ability power, 10 percent cooldown reduction, and 50 percent base mana regeneration.

Staff of Flowing Water

While Ardent Censer is good for AD-oriented champions, Staff of Flowing Water is counterpart for AP-oriented champions. It grants both of you ability power and ability haste when healing or shielding allies. It has cheap components, costing only 2,300 gold and scaling well throughout the entire game.


A great item for many support champions, Redemption offers Lux a way to heal her allies as well as strengthening the power of her shields. The item boasts a unique active ability that sees the champion select a location, casting down a beam of light healing nearby enemies. This item also grants Lux some extra durability, boasting stat increases of 200 health, 15 ability haste, 20 percent heal and shield power, and mana regeneration. It’s a must have item against champions who have a lot of AOE damage, such as Karthus, Orianna, or Kennen.

Mikael’s Blessing

If you are facing compositions with a lot of direct C  which can shut down your carries, then going for Mikael’s Blessing is a necessity. This targeted cleanse can nullify your opponents attempts at funneling all their CC into one target and killing them before they get time to react. The stats granted by this item is also decent on top of it’s active.

Situational items

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Mercury’s Treads

In rare situations where you’re facing a lot of AP champions, or those who have a lot of CC, getting Mercury’s Treads should be your priority. It will reduce damage taken by them by quite a lot early on, while also reducing the CC received.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Good alternative boots option if you want some additional ability haste. If your composition is built around picks, then reducing your Q cooldown is a better idea in the long-run rather than getting magic penetration or magic resist.

Imperial Mandate

Alternative Mythic item if you want to go for some offensive effects instead of utility. However, you’ll need to adjust your build accordingly and build AP items instead of the support items noted above. This one will benefit from pure AP items more than the utility ones above.

Shurelya’s Battlesong

With more champions building movement speed items or picking champions who can quickly close distances, Shurelya’s can help you stop them by giving your allies a huge movement speed boost for a short period. In most cases, Moonstone Renewer is still better. 

Mejai’s Soulstealer

If you are feeling risky and want to get a lot of AP from early kills, then go for Mejai’s Soulstealer. High risk, high reward item which can help you reach higher amounts of AP than even your mid laner. 

Rabadon’s Deathcap

This is the best AP item in the game, boosting your current AP by 35 percent. While it’s quite expensive at 3,600 gold, it’s worth the investment.

Cosmic Driver

Great item to replace your boots in the late game. It gives you a lot of ability power, ability haste, health, and movement speed. While you won’t be as fast as with boots, you’ll be getting a lot of offensive stats in exchange.