Hail the Demon King: Faker’s 9 best plays of all time

It’ll be a long time before any other player wracks up this many mind-blowing plays.

Photo via Riot Games

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is the best League of Legends player in the world.

He’s played in the World Championship, League’s most prestigious international event, four out of his five years playing professionally. And out of those four appearances, he’s taken home the tournament trophy three times. The one time he didn’t win, he was still the runner-up.

He’s won countless MVP awards, four LCK split titles, several MSI and IEM championships, and numerous other competitions and leagues throughout League’s history both in Korea and worldwide. No other esports pro in the world can compare themselves to the success that Faker has garnished, and it’ll be a long time before one even comes close.

Throughout that extremely long list of accomplishments, he’s pulled off some of the most mind-boggling, high-skill plays and outplays that have ever graced Summoner’s Rift. These are Faker’s best all-time plays.

9) The Realm Warp flank

Faker used Ryze’s Realm Warp to flank and out-maneuver Misfits Gaming at Worlds in 2017. Misfits gave SKT a run for their money and were only one game away from pulling off the upset of the century, but Faker and his stellar Ryze performances edged the European underdogs out.

8) Saved by the bell

Faker dishes out another perfectly timed Realm Warp to save Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon by the hair on his back. Throughout most of this series at Worlds in 2017, Faker’s skill seemed to be the only thing keeping SKT together. He only barely saved Huni this time, he made it look easy, and it wasn’t even his only impressive save of the series.

7) The beginning of the legend

Faker wins a one-on-one against Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong, one of the world’s best mid-laners, during his professional debut. Most recently, Ambition trumped Faker and SKT at Worlds, but Faker will always have this moment to look back on and remind Ambition that he destroyed him in a one-on-one in his first pro game ever.

6) 2,000 IQ prediction

Using Syndra’s Scatter the Weak, Faker masterfully predicted and outplayed KT. Not only did he see through the LeBlanc clone, but he also angled it perfectly to secure a double. It’s hard enough as it is to pick up on which LeBlanc is the right one, especially during a high-intensity fight, but Faker is Faker, and he doesn’t worry about the same issues as the rest of us.

5) Just Faker things

Faker turned the tides after being caught in the open by Ahri. When you try to kill Faker, you have to be absolutely sure you’ll be able to kill him, because if you don’t, you can be sure he’ll turn it right around and kill you.

4) Putting other Azirs to shame

SK Telecom T1 is content safely pushing the Inhibitor, but Faker ups the ante with a flawless ult-Flash combo on Azir. We’ve all had the same impatient thought when slowly sieging an enemy base in solo queue—the thought that urges us to dive the Inhibitor because things are moving too slowly. The difference, however, is that we aren’t Faker, and most players would almost certainly muck it up.

3) Riven versus everyone

This play occurred long before Summoner’s Rift or any champion received a major rework, so it’s a little dated. With just a sliver of health and more bravado than any other League player can boast, he won a one-on-three as Riven. Oh, and you can be sure he got the Inhibitor.

2) The Shockwave heard ‘round the world

This is one of Faker’s most recent miracles. SKT were down by over 10,000 gold against KT in 2017, and Faker’s mythical Shockwave on Orianna gave his team a chance to come back. Unfortunately, SKT lost the game, but they did go onto win the series.

1) The Zed play

Faker wins a grueling one-on-one against Yoo “Ryu” Sang-wook. This is Faker’s most famous play, eternally dubbed “The Zed play.” It’s confusing, hard to follow, and somehow at the same time, mind-numbingly incredible. In other words, it’s Faker.