Best Ezreal build in League of Legends

These items and runes are ideal for Ezreal.

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Ezreal is one of the most popular bottom laners in League of Legends season 10. He has a roughly weak early game since he needs a bit of time to scale and stack his Tear. Once he gets his core items of Manamune and Sheen, however, he can take over the mid-game and carry onward. The build below will ensure that you have the most optimal laning phase and transition well into the mid-game.

As with all League champions, specific items are going to be more effective depending on the situation. But there are certain items that are most effective on Ezreal in all games. These core items are going to ensure that you have the best possible experience with this champion.


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Conqueror: Conqueror is one of the most powerful keystones that syncs well with Ezreal. It grants you stacking attack damage and once fully stacked gives you a lot of healing as well. Even after multiple nerfs, it is still being picked by plenty of champions, including Ezreal, and allows them to take over games.

Presence of Mind: This rune is going to help resolve your mana issues, especially considering how mana hungry Ezreal is due to constant spamming of Q. The mana will also be converted into AD later on once you have Manamurne or Muramana. It’s the perfect basic rune for Ezreal.

Legend: Bloodline: This is a pretty basic rune to grant you more lifesteal. This row is quite flexible with Legend: Alacrity being a good alternative. It gives you the needed attack speed to have more fluid auto-attacks.

Coup de Grace: This rune acts as a finisher. It allows you to deliver even more damage to low-health targets, ensuring that you get favorable trades during the laning phase.


Biscuit Delivery: Biscuits offer extra lane sustain to ensure that you can recover from unfavorable trades. The extra mana granted by it syncs well with your Manamurne later on as well.

Cosmic Insight: Cosmic Insight is an overall great rune, giving you additional CDR to allow you to spam Q’s more often and as a result get your other abilities back from cooldown faster. The summoner spell cooldown reduction is really good as well, ensuring you have flash available more often.

Bonuses: +10 percent attack speed, +9 adaptive force, +6 armor

Starting items

Doran’s Blade

Having some early lifesteal and attack damage is crucial for Ezreal. Doran’s Blade also grants you 80 bonus health to make you tankier early on. This item can be purchased multiple times if you’re having early game issues and need power as soon as possible.

Health Potion

During the farming phase, you are going to take damage from the enemy champions. Health potions heal back 150 health over 15 seconds and will give you extra time before having to back to base.

Core items

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Ionian Boots of Lucidity

The Ionian Boots of Lucidity are one of the most efficient and cheapest boots in the game. The item gives you additional CDR, which scales well with your kit alongside reducing the cooldown of your summoner spells. If you’re running Exhaust, it means that you’ll be able to deny kills from enemy assassins more often.

While rushing them seems like a great idea, remember that your core Tear of the Goddess item needs time to stack so completing the boots later on is a better choice than completing them during your first back.


Manamune is the absolute core item of every Ezreal build. Regardless of what build you’re going for, you need this item. It grants you the needed mana to spam your Q nonstop and ensures that you have mana to fight whenever is needed. The passive conversion of mana to attack damage makes this item a very gold-efficient one so you can rush it in any game.

Trinity Force

Trinity Force is one of the Sheen options viable for AD Ezreal. It is perfect against teams with mixed damage who you don’t need to kite too much. It deals more damage compared to its counterpart of Iceborn Gauntlet and overall grants better offensive stats.

Iceborn Gauntlet

This is thee defensive version upgrade for Sheen. If you are against a lot of attack-damage oriented champions or those who want to get on top of you, you can get Iceborn Gauntlet to deny their approach and make it extremely annoying for them to get to you or your team. You can keep up the debuff on a constant basis due to the low cooldown on your Q.

Late-game items

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Death’s Dance

One of the best ADC items in the game, Death’s Dance grants you defensive stats in magic resist and armor, alongside offensive stats in attack damage and cooldown reduction. But it’s loved by all ADC player for something else: the passive effect which reduces incoming damage and converts it into a damage-over-time effect.

Due to the lifesteal gained from the item, the damage-over-time effect is easily negated if you hit an enemy champion or a minion, making all ADCs deceptively tanky.

Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King is the tank-killer item and is a must if you want to hit enemy tanks and actually kill them. While it was a core item on Ezreal before the Death’s Dance rework, now it’s situational since the stats granted by it are pretty mediocre and the item overall is quite expensive.

But if you’re facing multiple tanks, then get this as a third item to ensure that your team can actually take them down and secure objectives—otherwise, you’re going to fall too far behind and this item won’t matter anymore into the late game.


If you want to be tankier and have more lifesteal and attack damage, then this is the perfect item for you. Bloodthirster is one of the best ADC items in the game, especially if you don’t really need the attack speed or critical chance from Phantom Dancer.

Getting this item third is a good option if you need the shield to survive enemy assassination attempts. While Maw of Malmortius might be better against AP-oriented assassins, the Bloodthirster works perfectly against AD-oriented assassins.


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Mercurial Scimitar

Mercurial Scimitar is a must-have item against crowd control. Even if the enemy doesn’t have a lot of magic damage, it’s still worth to get this item for the Cleanse. Sometimes the Cleanse can be the difference between life and death and having extra attack damage, life steal, or critical chance won’t matter if you’re dead.

As a result, if you’re facing champions who focus on locking you down, such as Leona, Nautilus, Ashe, Malzahar, or others, don’t be afraid to invest into this item.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is an overall great item and grants you armor, attack damage, and the chance to save yourself in a teamfight. The second life can help you win games against teams who blow all their abilities and engage tools on you and then run out of steam. This item will deny all their efforts by bringing you back to life ready to fight.

Liandry’s Torment

Liandry’s is a non-meta item that works well if you go for the Iceborn Gauntlet build. By spamming Q’s with 45-percent cooldown reduction, you can keep up the amplify-damage buff on a constant basis, while also burning enemy players down quite a lot due to the Gauntlet’s slow working perfectly with Liandry’s Torment.

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Another non-meta item, but which is very valuable in certain compositions, is Zhonya’s. If you’re facing a champion like Zed who wants to get on you with his Death Mark, deal a lot of damage to have it kill you, then go back to safety, then you can stop his attempts with this item. By using Zhonya’s when you have Death Mark, you’ll be safe from it’s damage and can safely continue the fight.

Zed is not the only champion it can help you against, however. Other notable champions who focus on deleting you in seconds are Kha’Zix, Rengar, and Evelynn—all can be denied with a well-timed Zhonya’s.

Randuin’s Omen

Randuin’s is a valuable item if you want to become tankier. It grants you health, armor, a attack speed reduction debuff for enemies, and an AoE slow to allow you to kite even better. If you are the main target for enemy AD champions and need a bit more survival and possibility to kite, then this item is perfect for you.

While it doesn’t grant any offensive stats, by having it and being alive for a longer period, you’ll do overall more damage compared to if you’d just get an offensive item and die within a couple of seconds.

Maw of Malmortius

Maw is a must-have item against heavy ability-power focused assassin compositions. While the gold efficiency of this item leaves a lot to be desired, the stats given by it alongside the passive magic shield can still be a huge benefit for the buyer.

The item’s first component, Hexdrinker, is quite cheap and you can sit on it for a lot of time before converting it into Maw, which takes quite a lot of time to be completed due to how expensive it is.