Better support than marksman? Ashe’s pick rate as support has eclipsed ADC for 5 straight League patches

A surprising shift for the Frost Archer.

Image via Riot Games

Even though she’s typically an AD carry, Ashe has been picked more often in another role over the last five League of Legends patches.

The Frost Archer has been prioritized as a support pick in solo queue since Patch 12.11, according to stats site

In Patch 12.16, which hit the live servers on Wednesday, Aug 24, Ashe has recorded a 60.8 percent pick rate as a support, while only accumulating a 37.8 percent pick rate in the AD carry role in Platinum and above.

Ashe hasn’t received any direct changes since Patch 12.5 when her Volley (W) and Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) were tweaked. She also had a sound bug fix in Patch 12.9 and received changes, like every other champion, in the durability update in Patch 12.10.

In Patch 12.11, Ashe’s win rate in the support role was a massive 55.7 percent. It dropped down to 50.2 percent in Patch 12.12, but from there, it slowly climbed back up. In Patch 12.15, it rose to as much as 58.8 percent.

Ashe’s shift in the meta has been echoed in pro play—but not in all competitions. Supports players were more fond of the champion in the 2022 LPL Summer Split regular season, where she was picked five times as a support and just once as an AD carry. In the 2022 LCK Summer Split regular season though, she had a 10:5 pick ratio in favor of the ADC position.