Artist creates awesome Super Galaxy Ivern skin concept

Would you like to see this skin in-game?

Image via Riot Games

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Ivern is one of the most charming and friendly champions in League of Legends—at least in terms of lore. The Green Father roams around the jungle, cultivating life wherever he goes.

You wouldn’t expect a badass Super Galaxy skin to suit Ivern. But somehow, it does. A concept artist named Valkhar proved just that.

Image via ValkharArt

The skin features Ivern as we’ve never seen him before. He looks just like a Resto Druid from World of Warcraft, but with a futuristic spin. His Daisy, on other the hand, has more of a Transformers aesthetic. Frankly, she’s intimidating.

Image via ValkharArt

Valkhar’s concept art is a little rough around the edges, and it could use a few improvements here and there, but the idea is solid. It would fit perfectly beside Rumble, Fizz, Annie, and the rest of the Super Galaxy crew.

He even mapped out what Ivern’s abilities and visual effects might look like with a teal color scheme. To go alongside the striking theme, Valkhar added little fireflies to Ivern’s Brushmaker ability and a cosmos effect to Friend of the Forest. The skin concept brings together a nice mixture of Ivern’s originality with a Super Galaxy twist.

Image via ValkharArt

We may never see this concept come to life in League of Legends, and admittedly, there are already a bunch of Super Galaxy skins. But it would most definitely be a welcome addition to the game.