April Fools 2017 skins revealed on the PBE

Four more skins were found on the PBE.

Image via Riot Games

Four new skins have been found in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) game’s source code, which are more than likely to be the April Fools skins that could hit the rift in Patch 7.6. These skins include:





At the time of writing, there are no official names for these skins, or what category they will fall under. The overly comical nature is a breath of fresh air to the recent skins, especially after the loss of the Sewn Chaos set a few weeks ago.

Rumors indicate that the names for these skins are potentially Superhero Kennen, Definitely, Not Alistar, Toy Renekton and Pug’maw.

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Images via. Riot Games. Found by Moobeat.