Amazing wombo combo in League goes wrong, ends up as enemy team’s ace

This wasn't supposed to end that way.

Image via Riot Games

In League of Legends, there are few things more satisfying than pulling off a perfectly timed wombo combo to eliminate the enemy team. Squads often will pick certain compositions to score that one play in the whole game.

While it’s rather hard to accomplish an impressive wombo combo, it’s even harder to do so and still lose the teamfight. It doesn’t mean it never happens, though, as has been proven by one Reddit user Eli871.

In the clip, we can observe an almost perfect engage by Galio and Amumu. The former used his Justice Punch (E) and Shield of Durand (W) combo to close the gap and taunt four enemies. He was followed by an allied Amumu flashing in and stunning the opponents with the Curse of the Sad Mummy (R).

While the four champions were stunned, the three remaining allies dealt tons of damage, which resulted in the enemy Lux, Seraphine, and Gangplank dying almost instantly, with only the latter succeeding in releasing his Cannon Barrage (R). Nevertheless, all seemed lost for his team.

Only Diana survived, with her health dropping to 92 before she went into stasis by activating Zhonya’s Hourglass. At the same time, she used her Moonfall (R), which gathered all five red team players near each other.

That was a game-changer for the last remaining player on the blue team, Jinx. With five opponents shortly in the air and low on cooldowns, she immediately switched to Fishbones and started dealing tons of damage. She was in fact so powerful, that she sent the enemy team to the fountain in a matter of seconds, barely missing out on a pentakill thanks to Gangplank’s ultimate and Diana exiting stasis.

Thanks to we can see that it was a game-winning play, since it was won a couple of seconds later by Jinx and crew.

So while pulling off an amazing wombo combo seems tempting, it’s worth remembering that doing so doesn’t always result in a victory.

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