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A Super Destroyer in Helldivers 2, outside of Super Earth.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

All Helldivers 2 Ship Modules, listed

Glass the planet as efficiently as possible.

A Hell Diver is nothing without their Super Destroyer crew to back them up. Upgrading your spaceship via Ship Modules is a critical part of surviving Helldivers 2. So, let’s go over them all and prepare for the future.

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All Super Destroyer Ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2

A Hell Diver looks at the computer modules of their Super Destroyer in Helldivers 2.
These computers are where the magic happens. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are currently a total of 24 Ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2, split evenly between six categories. Each category is more or less self-contained—to purchase a higher level upgrade in a category, you must first purchase all levels before it. Ship upgrades cost SamplesRare SamplesSuper Samples, and Requisition Slips, depending on their upgrade level. You buy all of them through the computer console on the left side of the ship lobby.

Patriotic Administration Center

The Patriotic Administration Center Ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2.
Some of the best upgrades in the game come from your support weapons. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Patriotic Administration Center focuses on support weapons, like the Machine Gun, as well as backpack-mounted Stratagems like the Guard Dog.

Module NameModule DescriptionUpgrade Cost
Donation Access LicenseSupport Weapons deploy with full ammo, rather than half.60 Samples
Streamlined Request ProcessSupport Weapon Stratagem cooldown decreased by 10 percent.80 Samples, 40 Rares
Hand CartsCooldown for all Backpack Stratagems decreased by 10 percent.80 Samples, 60 Rares, Five Supers
Superior Packing MethodologyWhenever you resupply, your Support weapon’s magazine or backpack magazine is filled completely.150 Common, 150 Rares, 15 Supers, 20000 Requisition Slips

Orbital Cannons

The Orbital Cannons Ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2.
I love Orbitals, and this makes them much better. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unsurprisingly, Orbital Cannons improve Orbital-type Stratagems, by improving spread and cooldown.

Module NameModule DescriptionUpgrade Cost
Exploding ShrapnelIncreases damage from non-direct hits with Orbital Explosions.100 Samples
More GunsBarrage Orbitals fire an additional salvo per barrage.80 Samples, 60 Rares
Zero-G Breech LoadingOrbital Stratagem cooldown decreased by 10 percent.80 Samples, 80 Rares, 10 Supers
Atmospheric MonitoringHE barrage spread is reduced by 15 percent.200 Samples, 150 Rares, 15 Supers, 25000 Requisition Slips


The Hangar Ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2.
An excellent tree to focus early on. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Hangar is home to upgrades to Eagle Stratagems, such as the Eagle Strafing Run and 500kg Bomb. This is one of the best categories to focus on, thanks to the versatility and low cooldown of Eagle Stratagems.

Module NameModule DescriptionUpgrade Cost
Liquid-Ventilated CockpitEagle Stratagem cooldown decreased by 50 percent.80 Samples
Pit Crew Hazard PayReduces Eagle Rearm time by 20 percent.80 Samples, 40 Rares
Expanded Weapons BayIncreases Eagle Stratagem uses by one per Rearm.80 Samples, 80 Rares, 10 Supers
XXL Weapons BayEagle Stratagems that drop multiple bombs drop one more bomb.150 Samples, 150 Rares, 15 Supers, 25000 Requisition Slips


The Bridge Ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2.
An unfocused mess of random upgrades. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Bridge holds miscellaneous upgrades for Orbitals, pinging, Hellpod steering, and Fire damage. Its unfocused nature makes it one of the the weakest categories.

Module NameModule DescriptionUpgrade Cost
Targeting Software UpgradeCall-in time for all Orbitals reduced by one second.60 Samples
Nuclear RadarIncreases enemy ping radius on minimap by 50 meters.80 Samples, 40 Rares
Power SteeringImproves steering for Helldivers during Hellpod deployment.80 Samples, 80 Rares, 10 Supers
Enhanced CombustionFire damage from Stratagems increased by 25 percent.200 Samples, 150 Rares, 15 Supers, 25000 Requisition Slips

Engineering Bay

The Engineering Bay Ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2.
Sentries, and Sentry Accessories. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Engineering Bay focuses primarily on Sentry and Emplacement-type Stratagems, as well as an upgrade for high-tech weaponry. It also features one of the best level one upgrades in the game.

Module NameModule DescriptionUpgrade Cost
Synthetic SupplementationCooldown time for Sentry, Emplacement, and Resupply Stratagems reduced by 10 percent.60 Samples, 10 Rares
Advanced ConstructionHealth of Sentry Stratagems increased by 50 percent.80 Samples, 50 Rares, Five Supers
Rapid Launch SystemEmplacement Stratagems land instantly.80 Samples, 80 Rares, 10 Supers
Circuit ExpansionLightning arcs from arc weapons and turrets jump to an additional enemy.200 Samples, 150 Rares, 20 Supers, 20000 Requisition Slips

Robotics Workshop

The Robotics Workshop Ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2.
For when you want your Sentry to carry you. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Robotics Workshop holds further Sentry upgrades, like the Engineering Bay. However, this category is more focused on Sentry efficiency instead of all-round stats.

Module NameModule DescriptionUpgrade Cost
Dynamic TrackingSentry Stratagems land instantly.60 Samples, 20 Rares
Shock Absorption GelAll Sentry Stratagems gain 50 percent ammunition.80 Samples, 40 Rares, Five Supers
High-Quality LubricantSentries are better at turning towards new targets.80 Samples, 80 Rares, 10 Supers
Blast AbsorptionSentries take half damage from explosions.150 Samples, 150 Rares, 20 Supers, 25000 Requisition Slips

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