Maiev Shadowsong portrait available once again in Hearthstone

Rogue players, rejoice.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If Rogue is your go-to class in Hearthstone, you’ll probably want to check out the store today.

One of the coolest Rogue portraits in the game, Maiev Shadowsong, is now available for purchase again.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

For $6.99, you can don the mantle of Maiev Shadowsong. Some of you who already own Maiev Shadowsong may not even know how you got her. Maiev was originally only available to players during the Year of the Mammoth in 2017.

For a period of time during 2017, players could win 10 ranked or casual games to receive Maiev for free. Since then, she’s eluded the Hearthstone community—as you’d expect a Rogue to do.

When Maiev was originally available to players, there was a far lower number of portraits overall. But one thing the community has loved so far this year is the Hearthstone team’s effort to make more hero portraits, new and old, available.

If you’re not already playing Rogue, now is a great time to start. The class has one of the highest win rates on right now and has more than one viable deck option. If Maiev makes you want to check out Rogue, the Whirlkick and Stealth archetypes are both great places to start.