Hearthstone’s new Deadmines mini-set is now live

New cards have arrived.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The wait for new Hearthstone cards is officially over.

Hearthstone’s new Deadmines mini-set is now live.

The new Deadmines mini-set will act as a breath of fresh air to Standard Hearthstone. As a supplementary set to United in Stormwind, the Deadmines mini-set includes 35 new cards.

You can obtain the new mini-set in a variety of different ways. You can purchase it directly from the shop for $14.99 or get it for free by spending 2,000 in-game gold. Alternatively, you can obtain all of the cards in the Deadmines mini-set through regular United in Stormwind card packs.

The set includes 66 cards total when counting duplicates. If you purchase the entire set you will get one copy of four Legendary cards, two copies of one Epic card, two copies of 14 Rare cards, and two copies of 16 Common cards. This gives you the maximum amount of each card that you could use in a deck.

The new mini-set is themed around one of the most iconic dungeons in World of Warcraft history, the Deadmines. Many of the primary cards revealed for the mini-set such as Edwin and Cookie are iconic boss characters in the World of Warcraft dungeon. Those characters have made their way from the depths of the Deadmines to your Hearthstone gameboard.

You can check out Hearthstone’s Deadmines mini-set in-game right now.