Hearthstone Patch 19.4.1 gave some players Lunar New Year quests by mistake

Happy new year.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you had a few extra special looking quests after downloading Hearthstone Patch 19.4.1 last week, consider yourself lucky. While Patch 19.4.1 was only intended to be a balance update, it looks like it accidentally gave some players the Lunar New Year quests early.

When the Hearthstone New Year rolls around, players generally get a slew of special quests that reward a few card packs. But thanks to Patch 19.4.1, Hearthstone’s New Year came early for some people. Additionally, some people got one New Year quest while others unlocked the entire chain.

The first quest you would have unlocked rewards three different packs from Standard after playing one round of Hearthstone Battlegrounds. The following quest has a similar award and requires you to play five games of Duels. Finally, players received a quest rewarding packs in exchange for playing five Standard Ranked games.

Screengrab via Weibo

The community was understandably confused about the quests over the weekend. But luckily, Blizzard chimed in on Weibo to explain the confusion. Some players on the national server unintentionally received the New Year missions in advance, according to a post made by the Hearthstone team on Weibo. For those of you that did, Blizzard doesn’t plan on repossessing your rewards.

Those who didn’t get the quests yet, though, will have to wait until the event actually begins to snag some free packs. Blizzard also said players who already received the quests won’t get them again when the time is right.

It’s unclear when these quests are officially set to join Hearthstone.