Everything we know about The Witchwood, Hearthstone’s next expansion

The first expansion of 2018 is nearly here.

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After weeks and even months of anticipation, we now know what Hearthstone’s next expansion will be—The Witchwood.

The expansion was announced this week, but there’s still a long way to go before the new set is actually released.

When The Witchwood is released, 135 new cards will be added to Hearthstone. At the same time hundreds more will leave the Standard rotation, since The Witchwood is the first set of the new Standard year The Year of the Raven.

As anticipation builds for the new cards, here’s everything we know so far about the expansion.

When will the expansion be released?

The expansion release has been confirmed for April 12.

What new cards are part of the set?

So far, 80 cards have been revealed. You can see them all here.

When and where will more cards be revealed?

Cards will begin being revealed March 26. There will be an official livestream at 1pm central where Blizzard figures (hopefully Ben Brode) will unveil even more cards. On the same day, streamers, pros, and community sites will begin their card reveals too.

Is there a pre-order?

As usual, there is a pre-order bundle of 50 packs available for $49.99. That’s the best price packs are usually available at, outside of other bundles like the limited-time mammoth bundle.

This time, it’s even better value. Instead of just 50 packs, you can get 70 packs for the same price.

Are there any free cards or packs?

When the expansion launches, logging in will net you three free packs and a random legendary.

Does the expansion have new single player content?

Like the last two expansions, The Witchwood will have a single player campaign. The new mode is called Monster Hunt, where players pick one of four heroes. Similar to Dungeon Run, you add new cards to your deck as you beat bosses.

Are there any new legendary hero cards this time?

Every class is getting two legendaries like in recent expansions—but only Shaman will be getting a new hero card. Hagatha, the new hero, was teased at the end of the announcement video.

Does the set have new keywords in it?

Yep, two of them—Rush and Echo. Rush is a new form of Charge, which prevents the minions from attacking heroes the turn they are played. Perhaps Charged Devilsaur will be updated to include it, nerfing the Quest Druid deck.

Echo is a cleaner way of labelling the text on Unstable Evolution. An Echo card can be played as many times as you have mana for in a single turn.

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