Hearthstone Mercenaries players can get 5 free packs today

Make sure you've played during Patch 21.4.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As anyone who plays any pack-based card game will tell you, the best type of card pack is a free one.

If you’ve been playing Hearthstone Mercenaries, you’ll be getting five free packs today.

It’s been four weeks since Hearthstone Mercenaries went live and hit the game with a dash of freshness. As part of the Mercenaries launch celebration, Blizzard has decided to give those who have been playing the game a few more free packs.

As long as you played Mercenaries during the 21.4 patch cycle, you should receive five free Mercenaries packs later today. In the announcement regarding the Mercenaries launch celebration, Blizzard said players so far have totaled over one billion minutes of combat time, as well as over 100 million combined Bounties.

Blizzard also touch on the criticism surrounding the way players are meant to build their collection throughout the Mercenaries game mode, specifically referencing how packs can contain Mercs, as well as their cosmetics. Though the team said they didn’t have any changes to announce yet on this front, they’re looking into it.

If you’ve completed the Mercenaries tutorial, you already got three free packs. That means today’s handout could lead to a total of eight free packs. You can head into Hearthstone now to take the new Mercenaries mode for a spin.