Hearthstone Coaching with Kabi: Midrange Druid Vs Freeze Mage

Legend Rank 5 player, Kabi, coaches us through a session of Midrange Druid vs the Freeze Mage.

Kabi, who reached Legend Rank 5 in Season 3, coaches Jimmy through a game playing as Midrange Druid vs. the Freeze Mage. We breakdown each move in details and discuss the thought process and provide Druid tips playing against the Freeze Mage.

Game Starts at 2 minute 30 seconds (http://youtu.be/6vX1aa7ljbI?t=2m30s)

This is our first time doing a video of this nature, so please provide any feedback/critiques/comments in the section below. Help us improve!

Note: We apologize for the weird echo – we’re still nailing down the coaching set up of it all.



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