10 May 2016 - 19:30

Cloud9 Hearthstone Picks Up DDaHyoNi

Cloud 9's Hearthstone team makes an interesting pickup in Korean player DDaHyoNi
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Cloud9’s Hearthstone team has just breached into the Asian scene, picking up Sanghyeon “DDaHyoNi” Baek. With the introduction of the standard format, the global Hearthstone landscape has the potential to drastically shift in the near future and Cloud9 is expanding its roster accordingly.

DDaHyoNi has recently been announced as the newest edition to Cloud9’s already formidable Hearthstone team. His first place, breakout performance at the HCT major for the Asia-Pacific region qualified this Korean player for the World Finals at BlizzCon towards the end of this year. This guaranteed representation and stability at the highest level of competition clearly caught the eye of Cloud9 as the ever expanding Asian scene is looking to challenge the world’s best for a shot at the championship.

This addition is also representative of the competitive Hearthstone scene expanding on a global scale, seeing as there is a limited number of Asian players who have received sponsorships from large gaming organizations. This makes DDaHyoNi one of the first to continue bridging the gap between competitive Hearthstone and Asia’s thriving scene.

DDaHyoNi has an ever-growing host of accomplishments on his resume, sporting excellent placements at almost every tournament he has attended. With the combination of a consistent powerhouse and more of an opportunity to travel to international tournaments, competitive Hearthstone is quickly going to see an increase in the number of skilled players available at the highest level of play. Particularly in the case of DDaHyoNi, the community is going to have an inside look at just what the top level in Asia has to offer.

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