Sony offering a chance to win a PS5 through hidden online and real-world codes

On your marks, get set, look literally everywhere.

ps5 rest mode
Image via Charles Sims / Unsplash

PlayStation 5 consoles are nearly impossible to come by for the average consumer, but Sony is giving fans a roundabout way of winning a new PS5.

Today, Sony launched a sort of scavenger hunt, sending hopeful PlayStation fans on the hunt for 14 unique codes. Sony calls these codes “Treat Codes.” The real kicker here is that these codes can drop anytime, anywhere, online or in the real world. Treat Codes will resemble controller inputs like L1, R1, Up, Down, etc.

“Starting today, a series of 14 unique codes resembling PlayStation controller inputs will appear online, on social media channels, and in unexpected places around the world, such as high-profile events involving sports, gaming, film, and music,” said Sony in a blog post.

Sony hinted that participants should keep an eye out for streamers who are playing PlayStation titles in the coming weeks. The company also pointed out that not every code will be featured once and that some may repeat, giving participants extra shots at scoring a PS5.

To enter, participants must first sign up through the Treat Codes page. Then find a code, enter it on the Treat Codes page via, and complete the designated quest by answering a question. If a participant gets the answer correct, they will be rewarded with a chance to win a PS5. Each code only offers the chance to win a PS5. Finding a unique code does not guarantee you a console.

While this is an engaging way to get gamers involved with more than just an “enter-to-win” style sweepstakes, it reads as a bit too much. Considering how the chip shortage has crippled several industries’ supply over the past couple of years—PlayStation 5s included—it’s odd to make fans work even harder to get a PS5. Battling bots, scalpers, and limited supply has some fans setting notifications, saving their card info ahead of time, and going to greater-than-normal lengths to secure consoles. Some will get a kick out of the Treat Codes hunt, but others may come away with mixed feelings.

Treat Codes are in the wild from Feb. 15 to Feb. 28, but the hunt runs until 8am CT on March 7.