Will Splatoon 3 multiplayer need Nintendo Switch Online?

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Image via Nintendo

Splatoon 3 finally has a release date. Fans are likely to learn more details about all the in-game content up until it drops on Sept. 9.

The game will make its debut featuring a new world, Splatlands. Players will get a chance to battle each other in the sun-scorched desert as teams of four. In addition to the online multiplayer experience, there will also be a story campaign.

Though you’ll only need a copy of Splatoonto enjoy the game’s story campaign, hopping into the multiplayer action will require players to complete a few additional steps.

How can you play multiplayer in Splatoon 3?

To play multiplayer in Splatoon 3, players will need to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

The Nintendo Switch Online membership retails at $3.99 for one month. Players can pay less if they decide to opt-in for the three-month or yearly memberships. Nintendo Switch Online costs $7.99 for three months and $19.99 for 12 months.

Once you upgrade your account with the Nintendo Switch Online membership, you’ll be able to access Splatoon 3’s online features through its main menu. If you happen to lose access to the game’s online features throughout your membership, chances are the servers are down and you’ll need to wait for them to come back up to queue up for a match again.

In addition to unlocking features, Nintendo Switch Online members will gain access to limited-time deals in the Nintendo Online Shop.