When does the Pullcaster grappling hook unlock in Horizon Forbidden West?

Nothing can stand in Aloy's path now

Image via Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games has taken a page out of many other RPGs and added a grappling hook in the form of the Pullcaster into Horizon Forbidden West.

The Pullcaster unlocks very early in the game and the players are tasked with using it within the first hour of the playthrough. In fact, it is the first piece of equipment Aloy uses. After Aloy meets her friend and they begin exploring the ruins, they come across a blocked path and find parts of the Pullcaster on a corpse by a camp.

Aloy must then go around the camp and collect materials to fix the gadget. They can be found easily by holding down “R3” to scan the area and find points of interest. After you’ve found the pieces, head to the workbench and Aloy will be able to put all of the items together to repair the Pullcaster.

Screengrab via Sony

In order to use the Pullcaster, players can hold “L2” and then tap “triangle” to switch the bow to the Pullcaster. Then, hold down “R2” while aiming at a spot the device can latch onto, and Aloy will pull it. Targets are typically marked by a blue-tinted metal, and they can be marked with the scanner so players can tell what can and cannot be pulled.

Screengrab via Sony

The Pullcaster can also be used to pull things like Supply Crates and other useful items. In fact, one of the first uses for the Pullcaster outside the tutorial mission is right after they get the gadget, where players can pull down a Supply Crate from a ledge.