Super Mario 64 becomes survival horror in this nostalgia-filled fan game

If only Mario had a brother who could help with these sort of ghost issues.

Screengrab via Alpha Beta Gamer on YouTube

When we think of Super Mario 64, some things that come to mind include a cherished childhood adventure, the nostalgic Nintendo 64, or the bright charm of the game—what shouldn’t come to mind is the survival horror genre.

Well, one fan of the game has taken it upon themselves to bring these worlds together, showing off their creation Another Princess Is In Our Castle, which will provide the most spooky Mario experience to date.

In a nine-minute video shared on YouTube by Alpha Beta Gamer, you can get a taste of what this unique title looks and feels like as Mario dons a lantern investigating the iconic Princess Peach’s Castle.

Of course, things aren’t exactly how you’d remember them as these grim halls are haunted by a ghost-version of Princess Peach. But she’s not the one that needs saving, you are.

A description for the game explains that “Peach died a few years ago and now the castle is empty. Or rather, it SHOULD be empty, but Peach’s tormented ghost still haunts the halls”.

While the idea is solid, the game is still in its alpha phase. But can still try it out for yourself. In the video’s description, fans can read more about the project and try it out for free.

Right now, your goal in the game is to collect eight statues from around the location while avoiding the wrath of Princess Peach’s ghost. It should only take around 15 minutes to complete.