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Remnant 2: Should you kill or revive the Doe?

Mercy or revenge?

There are a number of choices to be made in Remnant 2. If you don’t want to go in blind and potentially cost yourself some sweet loot or lore, you may be wondering if you should kill or revive the Doe in Remnant 2.

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Should you revive or kill the Doe in Remnant 2?

If you’re looking for the easy and quick option, shooting and killing the Doe in Remnant 2 skips any sort of challenging boss battle and even nets you a reward in the form of a unique amulet and an achievement. However, it isn’t your only option, and depending on your build you’ll want to consider the alternatives.

While traveling on Yaesha—Remnant 2′s strange, wooded land—you may run into the Corrupted Ravager, a powerful creature in Remnant lore. Veterans will have fought the Ravager in the first game and might have thought the wicked wolf had been dealt with for good. It looks like the Ravager actually made good on his promise to align itself with The Root if it ever came for him. Now in Corrupted form, the Ravager is more powerful than ever and has managed to overcome the Doe, the spirit of life and light on Yaesha.

When you encounter the Ravager, he will walk you over to the Doe, who lies injured in his den. You will have to make a choice: either join him and the corruption by killing the Doe or revive it by using your Relic. You can also choose to ignore the Doe and directly attack the Ravager, which will yield a similar result to reviving it, but with a different item drop.

A screenshot from Dot Esports showing the player character in between the Doe, a giant, gazelle-like creature, and the Ravager, a wolf with many red eyes and a glowing bulbous growth on its back.
The Ravager offers a choice: Kill the Doe or revive it. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Whether you kill the Doe or revive it is entirely up to you, but your choices will have an impact on Yaesha and you will receive different items that can craft different weapons.

What happens if you revive the Doe using the Relic?

If you wish to revive the Doe, that means defeating the Corrupted Ravager. This is no easy battle, and you can start it by approaching the Doe and using your Relic to heal it. The Doe will leap to its feet and charge the Ravager, using its horns to impale the beast. Then, while the Ravager is recovering from the attack, the Doe will leap away from the battle. The Ravager will then turn its attention to you and begin the boss battle.


The Ravager will do its best to attack you in melee range, but often leaps back to prepare a charge. Keep your distance at all times and deal as much damage as possible after it leaps away, and always keep the Ravager in your line of sight facing you!

When you defeat the Ravager, you will receive the following items:

  • A trait point.
  • Five Lumenite Crystals.
  • 750 Scrap.
  • A shard for the Labyrinth Sentinel.
  • Doe’s Antler.

What does the Doe’s Antler do?

The Doe’s Antler is a crafting material that will allow you to make the Red Doe Staff from Ava McCabe at Ward 13. This staff has the unique modifier Lifeline, which unleashes a massive amount of damage on the next charged melee attack after you’ve racked up 400 damage. In addition to this next charged melee attack doing a ton of damage, it will also heal allies by a percentage.

If you revived the Doe using the Relic, you can speak to the Pan near the music box puzzle who first told you about the legendary struggle between the Doe and the Ravager. He will thank you for your efforts, saying you’ve saved Yaesha from its doom.

What happens if you ignore the Doe and directly attack the Ravager?

By ignoring the Doe and directly attacking the Ravager, you will begin the boss fight. The difference between this method and using the Relic to revive the Doe is that the Doe will remain on the battlefield, and during the battle, the Ravager will eat the Doe. When you kill the Ravager, the beast will drop all of the items listed above minus the Doe’s Antler. Instead, you’ll receive the Crimson Membrane.

What does the Crimson Membrane do?

This membrane can be used to craft the Merciless Long Gun from Ava McCabe on Ward 13. It comes with the Bloodline mod that will fire a massive blast of energy that goes through anything in its path.

What happens if you kill the Doe?

If you kill the Doe, which you can do by shooting it, you are siding with the Ravager. You won’t be able to fight it, and the Doe will die. You get a trait point and the Ravager’s Mark amulet, which will increase your damage to Bleeding targets.

The Bloodmoon Altar screen and its wares in Remnant 2
The Bloodmoon Altar screen in Remnant 2. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This also has a huge impact on Yaesha, and you essentially sentence the world to a slow death. The Corrupted Ravager can now do whatever it pleases, destroying all around it. The Blood Mood will appear in the sky, and that will make it much easier to collect Blood Moon Essence. Blood Moon Essence drops from Wisps that fly around the Far Woods on Yaesha. They will appear as enemies but will not attack you. You can farm them for Blood Moon Essence and they become more common when the Blood Moon is active.

Should you wish to get the Knotted armor set, the Blade of Gul, unlock the Summoner class by getting the Faded Grimoire, or get any other item from the Blood Moon Alter, this is a pretty good option to make your life easier, as you need plenty of Blood Moon Essence.

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