Nintendo Switch Online app receives 2.0.0 update

The small updates are appreciated.

Image via Nintendo

Switch players can now enjoy an updated version of the Nintendo Switch Online app with new features and an overall design update. 

As reported by Nintendo Life, the Nintendo Switch Online app was updated to version 2.0.0, marking its most significant update since 2017. While the updates aren’t groundbreaking, they add a few helpful features for players when away from their consoles. 

The app’s design has been updated, improving the user experience. Players can also see if their friends are online through the app and no longer have to boot up their consoles to check. A new option also allows users to adjust their online status settings and see their friend codes through the app. Being able to copy and paste your friend code is a much-appreciated update, and while the other changes are minor, they still improve the overall user experience. 

The Nintendo Switch recently turned five years old and thousands of players still enjoy the console as their primary gaming platform. The console is in the middle of its life cycle, according to Nintendo, and another Switch model might be in the works. The Nintendo Switch Online app will likely receive further updates to continue improving its functionality and benefits. 

If you haven’t used the Nintendo Switch Online app yet, now is an excellent time to download the useful companion app to improve your overall experience.