Nintendo serves up all the Switch Sports details in new ‘overview’ trailer

Fans have been given a better look at the six core game modes available at launch.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Nintendo has today shared the latest look at its upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports title. The game, which is a revamped follow-up to the Nintendo classic Wii Sports, boasts six different sports for players to engage with at launch and, thanks to this new clip, we now have a better idea of how they will function.

Taken from Wii Sports Resort, Volleyball is back for Switch Sports, but with some noticeable upgrades. You’ll play with the joycons as your controller, with five different motions available; serving, blocking, spiking, bumping, and setting.

A new mode making its debut is Badmington, which plays similarly to the classic Wii Sports Tennis game fans know and love. Unlike Tennis, Badminton is a one-vs-one sport, so you’ll have to test your skills going in solo. Of course, Tennis is back for those who were eager to play this classic mode and again it can be played both solo or in duos alongside a friend.

Bowling is back too! The popular Wii Sports game is better than it has ever been for Nintendo Switch Sports with more finetuned controls and a new obstacle mode. Nintendo Switch Sports will also have soccer which can be played as a team of four or solo. You can even take advantage of the leg strap accessory to play Soccer Shoot Out.

Another new mode is Chambara. This mode is like sword fighting where players will use a weapon to attempt to knock their opponent off a platform. In the latest promo video, it was also announced Golf will be added at a later date.

There are plenty of customization options for your character and also a new ranked mode where you can challenge yourself against other players around the world.

You can check out this and more with the Overview Trailer here.