Korea looks dominant over China in Heroes World Championship warmup

Which country fields the best teams in Heroes of the Storm? It's hard to say for sure

Which country fields the best teams in Heroes of the Storm? It’s hard to say for sure. International Heroes competition has been relatively rare ahead of the first Heroes World Championship. But in a warm up tournament for the Asian teams taking part, Korea looked a step ahead.

Chinese web giant Netease organized a “bootcamp” event for the Chinese teams, eStar Gaming and Team YL, headed to the inaugural Heroes World Championship. Against some of the top teams from Korea, the two teams struggled.

EStar, one of the most decorated teams in Heroes of the Storm so far, managed to beat MVP Sky and Snake Esports, but lost out 3-4 in best-of-seven matches against MVP Black and Team DK—the latter of which will represent Korea in the World Championship.

Team YL did not even fare as well, losing all four of their matches over the weekend including 0-4 losses to MVP Black and Snake Esports.

Though eStar have established themselves as comfortably the top team in China, YL looked a step behind all of their Korean opponents. Some fans have therefore asked why China gets two spots in the World Championship, while Korea gets just one—meaning that many people’s top team in the world MVP Black will miss out.

The relative weakness of the Chinese teams along with the absence of MVP Black will make the European and American teams, Dignitas, Na’Vi, Tempo Storm and Cloud9, feel confident going into the opening matches in just under three weeks.

Photo by Helena Kristiansson via ESL/Flickr

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