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Is Ranboo banned from MCC?

"You came too close to the secrets."

Though there are more Minecraft channels than you can count on YouTube, the talented ones always find a way to separate themselves from the rest of the competition. Ranboo has been one of the latest Minecraft content creators that rose to fame, even securing himself a spot in the Dream SMP.

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Ranboo has been involved in various collaborations with other Minecraft content creators, and the fans noted his absence from the Minecraft Championship (MCC) events. Many wondered whether he was even allowed to join an MCC since he practically checked every box on the list to become a contender.

Why is Ranboo not in MCC?

Questions about why he hasn’t been joining an MCC event finally kicked off rumors that he was actually “banned” from the event. If you’re a fan of Ranboo, you can take a deep breath, though. He isn’t actually banned from the MCC. It’s become a running joke between the creators of the event and Ranboo himself.

It all started with a chat comment by Smajor, one of the organizers of the MCC. While hanging in Tubbo’s stream, Smajor said “Can we ban Ranboo from everything? I think it’s only fair at this point.”

At that point, the tone of the comment indicated that it was a joke, but a decent chunk of the community turned to Ranboo to confirm if the news was actually true.

In a similar manner, Ranboo sent out an email to Noxcrew with the words “I have clout. Please.” An official response from the organizers came quickly, saying they wished Ranboo good luck in his future endeavors.

The topic often gets brought up whenever there’s a new MCC event, and considering Ranboo isn’t technically banned, it’s only natural for his fans to want him to appear on one of the most popular Minecraft events. While it isn’t known whether Ranboo has any plans to participate in an MCC event, he’s guaranteed to have one of the coolest background stories if he ever decides to play in one of the events.

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