Is Project Q another Hyper Scape?

"What did you just call me?"

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft announced its upcoming team-based game, Project Q, shortly after footage of it leaked online. Fans’ first assumption was that the game could be a battle royale since the developer’s take on the genre, Hyper Scape, wasn’t close to being successful.

With Hyper Scape’s servers scheduled for a shutdown, Ubisoft could try to fill its void with all the lessons it harnessed throughout the battle royale’s lifetime. Project Q may seem like a replacement for a battle royale game, but it doesn’t mean it also has to be in the same genre.

Shortly after announcing the game, Ubisoft clarified Project Q wasn’t going to be a battle royale. Another speculation surrounding the game included NFTs, and the developer also cleared out that it had no plans of introducing NFTs into Project Q.

Ubisoft labels the game as a “battle arena” focusing on offering the most fun for players. Based on the developer’s announcements, Project Q is unlikely to be another Hyper Scape.

The details of Project Q’s core game modes haven’t been officially revealed, though the leaks point to a battle royale-esque mode called Showdown. The playtests are likely to begin soon, however, allowing players to take the first official early glimpse at what Ubisoft has been brewing.

Though Hyper Scape introduced new elements to the battle royale genre, it was relatively hard to succeed in an industry where you have to fight against titans. Hyper Scape fell short of drawing players from FortnitePUBG, and Apex Legends, which led to its demise. Depending on Project Q’s genre, the game may not have to worry about such big names, giving it enough room to grow on its own.