How to sign up for Nintendo Switch Sports online play test

Remember Wii Sports? This is his son.

Image via Nintendo

The spiritual successor to the massively popular Wii Sports on the Nintendo Wii is finally coming. It’s real, it’s almost here, and it’s called Nintendo Switch Sports.

Swapping out a Wii-mote for a Switch JoyCon, Nintendo Switch Sports is also adding online play to the fray, allowing players around the world to face off in motion-controlled sports like soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, swordplay, golf, and more.

Screengrab via Nintendo

To prepare for the game’s launch on April 29, Nintendo is running an online play test in February for players to try out the game and help shape its future. Here’s how to sign up for the online play test.

How to sign up for the Nintendo Switch Sports beta

Screengrab via Nintendo

“To prepare for the launch of the Nintendo Switch Sports game on April 29, we’ll be conducting an Online Play Test to evaluate various technical aspects and help improve the quality of the game by testing out online random matches for Tennis, Bowling, and Chambara from Feb. 18 to 20,” Nintendo said.

To sign up for the online playtest, players need to only head on over to the official Nintendo Switch Sports website to sign up for it after the sign-up period begins on Feb. 15 at 7pm CT.

In order to sign up for the play test, players will need an active Nintendo Switch Online membership. Once registration is complete, players should gain access to the test and be able to play it during its available play test times, listed above.