How to request a trade in NBA 2K22 MyCareer

You can land on a better team as long as they're interested in you.

Image via 2K

NBA 2K22’s MyCareer is where you create your own basketball player and compete with the likes of LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Luka Dončić on your personal road to glory. But to become one of the best athletes in the league, you’ll need a team that can support you. Without a good team around your player, your path will be more difficult.

Picking a team isn’t always easy, depending on your position. If you create a point guard, for example, it might be difficult to earn space in some lineups because there are so many quality, real-life players spread throughout teams. One of the best choices you can make is to create a character and play in a team that already has a star player but picking a different role. If they have a great center or power forward, create a point guard or shooting guard, and vice-versa.

If you already started your NBA 2K22 MyCareer and are unsatisfied with how your teammates have been performing, you can always request your team to trade you. To do that, you have to have played in at least 10 matches and the request must be submitted before the trading deadline, which is before the All-Star Weekend.

Here’s how to request a trade in NBA 2K22 My Career.

  1. Log in into NBA 2K22 MyCareer.
  2. Navigate to the Progression tab and press A/X to request a trade.
  3. You’ll see a screen with a list of teams along with the interest they have in signing you.
  4. Select the team you want to play for.

Note that sometimes the team you pick will not have too much interest in bringing you on board. If that’s the case, you can select them anyway and try your best in the court to convince them you’re worth an opportunity. Getting good grades in games, scoring, and getting assists is the best way to get other teams interested in your player.