How to get a Portal Kill in Splitgate

A Portal Kill isn't what you think it is.

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Season zero of Splitgate launched on Aug. 25 and players are working hard to complete each task in the Season Challenges. One of the hardest challenges on the list is getting a Portal Kill.

Most players assume that a Portal Kill is shooting through a portal and killing someone on the other side. But a Portal Kill is actually when one of your portals causes the death of another player.

To get a Portal Kill, you must set down a portal and get someone to fall off of the map because of where your portal is placed. This isn’t an easy achievement, but it’s one that you may get without even trying to.

To improve your chances of getting a Portal Kill, always choose Highwind or Olympus when you have the opportunity to pick one of those maps. They’re the best choice for a Portal Kill due to how high their walls are set up and how easy it is to fall through the map.

Once you’re on one of those two maps, aim your portal at one of the walls in a spot where the wall is as high as possible and the farthest away from a safe landing platform. After that, set your portal down where all of the action is taking place to increase the chance that someone runs through it.

You can try to bait someone through a portal by going through it yourself, but you run the risk of having the portal close behind you or dying upon re-entering all the action.

Portal Kills are one of the hardest things to achieve in the game, but sometimes just leaving the dangerous portal open will net you a Portal Kill, even if you didn’t intend it. Getting this achievement is all about careful placement of your portals and baiting your enemies into them—and there’s also just a touch of luck involved.


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