How many chapters are in The Quarry?

How long before the madness is over?

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As with many narrative games, The Quarry is split into chapters, making it easy to navigate and for players to know where they stand in the story. Every chapter adds its own choices and paths that alter the story and how characters react to it.

The player decides how each chapter will progress and how much of the story changes in each playthrough, but they ultimately have a limited amount of chapters to go through before the story ends. Players need to know how long they have to survive and keep the characters alive, as well as how long their choices will carry forward until the game eventually ends.

A chapter lasts approximately 40 minutes but can take longer if players take their time and think about each move. You won’t actually be decreasing the time spent on each chapter with minor decisions since each chapter follows the same overarching path, so don’t think you can.

How many chapters does The Quarry have in total?

A total of 12 chapters make up The Quarry, with 10 chapters containing the story, an epilogue, and one prologue chapter. The game takes around seven to 10 hours to complete, with each chapter taking 40 minutes to an hour and 40 minutes devoted to the prologue and epilogue.

No matter what you do in The Quarry, the game will remain 10 chapters long. The chapters can easily be shortened or made longer depending on the choices, like whether you save someone’s life or they die, but they will never be removed entirely.

When you have finished The Quarry, you can use the Chapter Select feature to go to specific points in the game. You will overwrite your current progress and end up with a different outcome if you replay any chapters. In other words, if you start in any chapter, you must play the entire game to unlock the other chapters.

All chapters in The Quarry

Below we have all the chapters listed out, so if you are on chapter five, regardless of how bleak it seems, you will still have five chapters to go before the end.

  • Prologue
  • Chapter one – Hackett’s Quarry Forever!
  • Chapter two – Truth or Dare
  • Chapter three – Trouble In Paradise
  • Chapter four – Don’t Panic
  • Chapter five – White Noise
  • Chapter six – Prayers By Night
  • Chapter seven – The Past Behind Us
  • Chapter eight – The Belly Of The Beast
  • Chapter nine – The Matriarch
  • Chapter 10 – Bricks and Mortar
  • Epilogue

The prologue and chapters one and two set up the game and introduce players to the characters and mechanics. Chapters three through six are filled with mystery as the counselors try to make sense of everything. The Quarry is very good at building tension between its characters in these chapters.

The game’s climax begins in chapter seven, where players will see the effects of their decisions until the very end. In later chapters, characters start to die, but many of these deaths are the consequence of earlier decisions, so if you want to rewrite the ending, you might have to start much earlier.