FaZe Banks: Tfue’s lawsuit allegations are “absolutely 1,000 percent untrue”

The FaZe Clan owner responded to the lawsuit on Keemstar's show "DramaAlert."

Photo via Ricky Banks

FaZe Clan owner Ricky Banks appeared on Daniel “Keemstar” Keem’s YouTube show “DramaAlert” today to respond to a a lawsuit filed by Turner “Tfue” Tenney against FaZe.

The lawsuit alleges FaZe has been taking up to 80 percent of Tfue’s earnings from sponsorships and restraining him from receiving additional revenue from potential sponsorships through its “illegal Gamer Contracts.” FaZe has since released its own statement, denying claims it collected any of Tfue’s tournament earnings or content revenue.

Banks appeared on “DramaAlert” to release his own response to the lawsuit, calling the allegations “absolutely 1,000 percent untrue.”

“We’ve collected a grand total of zero percent of Tfue’s prize winnings. Zero dollars and zero cents. Absolutely nothing,” Banks said. “We’ve collected nothing from his Twitch, his YouTube—absolutely nothing.”

According to Banks, the organization collected $60,000, or 20 percent, from two brand deals the organization brought to Tfue. Banks goes on to refer to the “finder’s fee”—the 20 percent cut FaZe took from the sponsorship deal—as “standard,” since the organization introduces the deal to the individual, handles the contracts, and mediates the relationship.

Other sections of the lawsuit allege FaZe encouraged Tfue to consume alcohol before his 21st birthday in January and to participate in illegal gambling.  

Banks said he’s unsure as to what the gambling allegations are in reference to but confirmed Tfue had consumed alcohol while still underage. According to the FaZe owner, Tfue was caught drinking on a boat “far, far before” the professional Fortnite player ever signed with FaZe and later consumed alcohol in the FaZe house at a party but “wasn’t pressured” into doing so.

“Listen, the fact of the matter is Turner is unhappy with his contract, he’s under his original contract from the beginning of when we signed him,” Banks said.

Tfue was allegedly offered a salary but refused to accept it, according to Banks. The FaZe owner also said the organization has been in negotiations with Tfue regarding his original contract since the beginning of their relationship.

“This is just leverage for Turner to get out of his contract,” Banks said. “In closing, this is complete bullshit. Honestly, I’m so hurt by this.”