Does Super People have controller support?

Mouse and keyboard support is a given, but what about controllers?

Image via Wonder People

The battle royale genre is welcoming a new contender. Super People is running its closed beta test, and the game aims to be a breath of fresh air for battle royale fans.

Despite looking oddly similar to PUBGSuper People features unique gameplay with the help of superpowers. This different style drew the attention of Battle Royale fans from all over the world. PC players should feel right at home in Super People since, like most Battle Royales, it uses mouse and keyboard controls as its primary input method.

Though Super People is still in development, the game’s current plans only include the PC platform. The developer team hasn’t made any comments on whether they’d be interested in rolling out the game on other platforms yet. This means it’s still unclear if it supports controllers.

A single supported input method can make it difficult for console players to enjoy Super People, making worried fans wonder whether the game will have built-in controller support.

Players who’d like to try out Super People will need to adjust to the mouse and keyboard controls or try out alternative methods that can allow them to use controllers. There are lots of different software that let players use controllers in games that don’t support the input method natively. If you decide to use such programs, you’ll need to map the keys by yourselves and the quality of the game experience can vary. 

Settling down with the perfect controller layout may take a while and you may need to play a few matches before settling on the configuration that works out the best for you. If Super People ends up being a hit, expanding onto other platforms would naturally be on the developer’s calendar, which could bring a native controller support to Super People. Players can still submit requests to the developer team, and if enough fans request controller support, it can also become a priority for Wonder People.


Gökhan Çakır
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