Crab Games gets new modes and maps in first content update

Crab Game's first content update is here.

Image via Twitch

Crab Game, the free-to-play battle royale available on Steam, received several new modes and maps after its first content update. The update will include two entirely new game modes along with nine new maps, according to DaniDev in its official announcement yesterday.

The two new game modes added to Crab Game are Bustling Button and Race. True to its name, the race mode will see players compete to complete an obstacle course as fast as they can. The set amount of players will advance on to the next game while those unable to complete the course will be eliminated. Race will take place across three new maps: Sussy Sandcastle, Lava Climb, and Macaroni Mountain.

Bustling Button is described in the content update as an RNG game mode of pure chance. Players will be presented with several different buttons. Crab Game contestants will have to select one of them, hoping to avoid the button rigged to explode. This game mode will only have one map dubbed Saucy Stage.

Other new maps for the older game modes include Return to Monke, Bitter Beach, Mini Beach, Mini Monke, and Karlson. These maps will provide new jungle and beach environments for the game. Karlson seems to reference a new project taken by DaniDev only recently announced via Twitter.

The content update also references the recent fixes to the DDoS attacks and IP leaks that once plagued the game. Built on an old network prone to leaking IPs, DaniDev recently rebuilt the entire game onto a new Steam network that is significantly more secure.

“There might be some issues due to this,” DaniDev said. “I had to completely swap out the old networking, but I’ll work on making it run smoother!”

Based off the Netflix series Squid Game, the multi-player game has experienced incredible success on Twitch. Despite its initial issues, Crab Game has become one of the most streamed games on Twitch.