How to fast travel in Elden Ring

Use this system to your advantage.

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring allows players to explore a vast open-world known as the Lands Between, full of exciting locations and dungeons to discover and explore. Players can spend hours investigating every corner of the map and will likely find unique encounters and experiences along the way. 

While a large map means players will have a lot of content to enjoy, it also means they’ll spend a lot of time traversing the world. This is a good thing for most players as it helps you experience the world has to offer, but it can also be frustrating having to backtrack or walk a long distance to your next objective. 

Elden Ring helps players avoid long treks with its fast travel system, but it’s only available in certain instances. Players will find Sites of Grace around the map, where they can level up and catch their breath. These locations also serve as fast travel hubs, meaning players can travel between Sites of Grace where they have rested. 

There are a few caveats with Elden Ring’s fast travel system. Players cannot use the feature while in danger, meaning you cant instantly teleport to safety in a difficult fight. You also can’t fast travel out of dungeons, so prepare for entering these dangerous areas. 

Keep an eye out for Sites of Grace while exploring the map, as they’ll make it easier to explore the large map later in the game.