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You have a few hours left to get the Lil’ Kev challenges on Fortnite

The set won't appear for players who don't log into the game soon.

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite cube is gone. Lil’ Kev, we’ll miss you.

In honor of the adored and now-gone cube nicknamed Kevin, Fortnite developer Epic Games added a short set of challenges available to all players to get the rare back bling called Lil’ Kev. This cosmetic item is a small, black cube fragment that will remind players of Kev’s last moments.

Players have to log into the game to enable the challenges, though. And they should do it as soon as possible.

Fortnite players have until today at 12pm CT to log into the game to unlock this set of challenges. Epic went to its Twitter late last night to remind players that if they don’t do that, the set won’t appear by default as happens with other seasonal events, and players will miss the chance of grabbing the item throughout the week.

We recommend you log in as soon as possible to start the challenges, since there were about five hours left to do so at the time of this article.

Players who log into the game will still have a few more days to complete the set, since they will stay available until Nov. 11 at 12pm CT. Players just have to play 15 matches, gain 5,000 XP, and outlive 500 opponents to get the Lil’ Kev back bling.

After that, it’s likely that the set and the back bling will be gone for a very long time, and if it ever comes back it might be in the item shop for a few V-Bucks.

Hop into the game today and complete the challenges until Nov. 11 to grab this exclusive item.