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Where can you find and destroy a cloaked IO build jammer in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2?

It’s up to you to bring the building back to Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter Three, season two has brought a war between the Imagined Order and the Resistance. Players landing on the island learn that they won’t be able to build for the first time since the game’s creation. To fix it, players are told to destroy a cloaked build jammer.

It can be challenging to find the build jammer since it’s invisible and unmarked on the map, but one can be located north of Camp Cuddle, on the east side of the road. Once you get close enough to the jammer, the quest objective icon will show on your mini-map. The IO building jammer looks like a small satellite dish.

You can find another IO Build Jammer in the northern part of the Daily Bugle. Inside the curved north side, you’ll find it in the middle of the rock formation. You can see another jammer to the east and southwest of Tilted Towers. You’ll find the furthest one at the top of the map on the eastern side of the craters.

There are likely several other IO Building Jammers around the map, but it’s hard to be sure that they’re invisible and unmarked. Whichever one you find first, destroy it, and you’ll get a notification about completing the quest.

The building jammer quest is one of a series where the Resistance asks the player to help them restore the building mechanic in Fortnite. No one’s sure when and if players will be able to build, however. It’s been speculated that it will return by next week, but there’s been no official announcement.

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