What is going on with Fortnite’s black screen?

Pure darkness.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s latest live event just happened, and millions are confused about what is now to come. During The End, dozens of rockets created a rift large enough to transport the frozen meteor from its spot above Dusty Depot to Loot Lake. Then the rock plummeted into the Zero Point and caused a massive rift in time.

The island and everything on it was then pulled into the chaos, and now, the game is sat in prolonged downtime with millions of players staring at a black screen. The screen shows a black hole with light around it, constantly slowly spinning like a loading screen.

The length of this screen is unknown and the reasoning behind it is also confusing, but the main speculation is that this is the screen while the game is down for maintenance and Epic Games prepares the servers for Fortnite Chapter 2.

As the map is now clearly gone, the new island will have to arrive in the form of the next season, and Fortnite’s social media accounts have gone dark and not acknowledged the screen other than a livestream on Twitch and mysterious images of the black hole.

So, what is going on with the black screen? It’s almost certainly a placeholder while downtime for the next season of Fortnite begins, and we’re something big to happen relatively soon.

If you enter the Konami code on the screen, you can play a secret minigame to pass the time. UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, B/O, A/X, START/ENTER.

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