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What are Alien Nanites in Fortnite?

Don't fly too close to the sun, Icarus.

Image via Epic Games

As aliens became more of a presence on the Fortnite map, so did their technology. During Fortnite chapter two, season seven, Alien Nanites became a part of the battle royale and this technology from galaxies far away turned out to be a strategic tool for the players.

Despite being a crafting material, Alien Nanites can also create low gravity areas that can help turn the tides around in building fights. Getting your hands on a couple of Alien Nanites isn’t that hard since they’re available as ground loot and they can also be found in chests. They seem to be relatively rare, however, so if you find one, it may be a wise idea to hold onto it for a moment worthy of using them.

As a crafting material, Alien Nanites can upgrade your regular Fortnite guns into space-tier artillery.  

Assault Rifles will turn into Pulse Rifles while SMG will become Ray Guns. Snipers can be upgraded to Rail Guns and Pistols will be Plasma Cannon with some Alien Nanites. 

There’s even a weekly quest that’ll require players to craft an alien weapon by using Alien Nanites. If you’re only looking to complete this quest, you’ll need a gun and an Alien Nanite since it can basically be used to upgrade most weapon types in the game.

Once you have an Alien Nanite and a weapon that can be upgraded, head over to your Crafting tab and you should see the option to combine them to create an upgraded weapon. Doing so will be enough to complete the quest, and you can also take the opportunity to test out the new gun.

If you also have a couple of spare Alien Nanites in your hands, you can deck your loadout with alien weapons, or you can use the rest to create low gravity fields to surprise your enemies. An Alien Nanite can be just what you need against an enemy who has no intentions of coming out of their fort.