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There’s a Fortnite bug that disconnects players trying to revive teammates

Just don't die and you won't have to deal with this Fortnite bug.

Image via Epic Games

One of the key components of Fortnite is the ability to revive downed teammates who are knocked down by opposing players or elemental hazards. This mechanic has been a core part of the popular shooter’s gameplay since its release.

But now, there are players reporting a game-breaking bug that disconnects players when they try to bring one of their teammates back into the fight. When one player tries to revive his fallen teammate, the player receives a “network connection lost” message.

After randomly being eliminated from a match due to a disconnect, a Reddit user recreated the scenario posted the video to r/FortNiteBR to show other players and Epic Games at a pretty major bug.

Both of the players in the video say they have decent internet connections and play on NA East servers using cross-play between console and PC. Many other players commented in the thread, with one user saying it has been a problem they have had since April. The bug seems to be most common in duos, but it can apparently happen in squads, too.

A community manager and a few Epic Games employees jumped in the thread to ask for more details. They directed players to submit a bug feedback form in the game, but they would begin to fix it immediately.