Naruto Shippuden content is coming to Fortnite on Nov. 16

You might actually get to explore the Hidden Leaf Village in an entirely new way.

Image via Epic Games

The long-rumored Naruto crossover with Fortnite is finally happening. Epic Games confirmed today that the collaboration will be dropping on Nov. 16. 

No official details about the crossover have been shared, but it’s likely that at least a handful of skins will make their way into the game as part of the content drop. 

The specific listing for this crossover is the sequel series to the original Naruto, Naruto Shippuden. This distinction in branding is very deliberate. The same wording has been used in the various merch collabs with Team Liquid that have used the Naruto Shippuden brand, too. 

Information about Naruto coming to Fortnite has circulated around social media and leaking communities for months, dating back to confirmation in August that Epic had obtained the rights to use the character in the game. 

Based on further leaks that dropped just ahead of the announcement, the Naruto Shippuden collab will go live at around 8am CT on Nov. 16 and will include both the usual crossover cosmetic items and a Creative Hub themed around the Hidden Leaf Village. 

This follows Fortnite’s other recent crossovers, which include Jinx from League of Legends and Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Fans will have to wait for the official release or an expanded information drop for more details on the Naruto collab.

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