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How to get and use Silver Surfer’s Board in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 4

Could Silver Surfer turn on Galactus to save the world?

Image via Epic Games

Chapter Two, season four of Fortnite hit the live servers today and the highly-anticipated crew made of Marvel characters became available through the season’s battle pass. The first week’s challenges also went live, allowing players to grind XP toward unlocking their favorite heroes and villains.

Though most of the season’s characters are protagonists like Iron Man, She-Hulk, Thor, Storm, Mystique, Groot, and Wolverine, you can stumble upon other Marvel characters throughout the game. Heroes and villains will team up with Fortnite characters in a fight against Galactus and he doesn’t go anywhere without his trusty Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer hasn’t hit the live servers just yet, but leaks suggest that a skin featuring him shouldn’t be that far off. Although he still has time to officially join Fortnite, his surfboard is already in the game as a lootable item and drops from Stark Drones surrounding the Quinjets. 

You’ll need to make your way toward one of the Quinjets after they land for your chance at the surfboard. A visible blue smoke should guide you to one of them but prioritize looting up a little before approaching the landing site. 

A crew of robots will be patrolling the area. They act just like the Henchmen from last season. They shoot on sight and can laser you down before you have a chance to react. Shoot them down from a distance and prioritize eliminating them if you haven’t done the weekly quest featuring Stark Robots just yet.

Once you’re done with the robots, start taking down the flying drones that you should notice around the plane. Each of these robots will drop loot once you kill them and there’s a small chance that you’ll get the Silver Surfer’s board from one of them. The possibilities are slim since it’s a legendary item, though. It also has its own Punch Card quest requiring you to travel with it.

Unfortunately, Silver Surfer’s board doesn’t actually give the board to players but rather acts as a jumping pad, which allows them to glide in the air. You can acquire the board through the battle pass, however, meaning that you can actually become the Silver Surfer within a game of Fortnite if Epic also releases the skin soon.

Getting your hands on the Silver Surfer’s board will essentially help you complete two quests at the time, so consider taking it out for a spin in somewhere less crowded to get those travel distances up safely.