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Fortnite season 10 teaser 4 is a video

The new season starts tomorrow.

Image via Epic Games

Epic has revealed the fourth and likely last Fortnite season 10 teaser on its official Twitter account. The new season debuts tomorrow, Aug. 1, most likely around 4am CT.

“Zero in,” the company wrote. The teaser is the only in the series that is a video.

The video shows the explosion of the glowing energy sphere in the center of Loot Lake. It takes over the entire map in its explosion, including characters that happened to be around at the time it expands. The video stops before showing the aftermath of the explosion.

The first two season 10 teaser images seemed to complete each other. While the first showed the old Dusty Divot that was hit by a meteor in May 2018, the second showed a mecha-like figure that players have likely never seen before. The messages with them said “think back” and “look forward,” which could mean the season will be somehow related to going back and forth in time.

The third teaser also gave this feeling to fans. It showed the character skin Drift, which is known to be related to the rifts that appeared in Fortnite’s season five, and came with the message “twist time.”

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These teasers are leading fans to speculate that a whole new map is coming for Fortnite’s season 10. Fans always think that when Epic releases teasers, but the company has yet to make it become reality. There’s no proof that players will either be able to revisit the old island or areas that were removed in previous seasons when the next one starts, so anything related to this is speculative at best.

Players will know everything that’s coming for the new season tomorrow when patch notes drop. That’s when they’ll be able to download all game files and get their game ready for when servers are back online after the usual downtime for maintenance and update deployment.