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Fortnite ‘investigating’ issues with logins, matchmaking, and connectivity

Seems like Spider-Man broke Fortnite.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Epic Games was “investigating” issues with “logins, matchmaking, parties and players getting removed from games” in Fortnite, according to an official tweet. Developers also disabled Spider-Man’s new web-shooters from the game while they look for a solution.

The game servers went down earlier today after the introduction of Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters in the game. According to the Epic Games’ website, many services such as login, matchmaking, and the Item Shop are down. Developers disabled the item temporarily while they look for a solution.

The latest update on Epic’s official status page, at 9:45am CT, said that the team was “continuing to investigate” the issue.

The issues lingered for a few hours until Epic announced the issues were resolved at 12:22pm CT. At the same time, developers also restored Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters, though it may take “a few additional minutes” before they go live in Arena playlists.

Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters are one of the latest items added to Fortnite with the game’s Chapter Three, season one. The web-slinging superhero was one of the flagship additions in the latest chapter, coming to the game with three outfits, the Daily Bugle POI, and the Web-Shooter item.

Players can now find the Web-Shooters in specific locations on the map. Spider-Man himself is also a battle pass reward, giving players more to look out for and another reason to grind this season.